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Promoting a health-conscious workplace since 2012

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AOKE is a leading manufacturer of high quality, height-adjustable office desk frames. We strive to make healthy workplaces a standard across the globe. With years of experience in the production of height adjustable desks we are true supporters of your office’s productivity. To ensure fast and accurate delivery across Europe within five working days, we ship to a limited amount of dealers, from our central warehouse in the south of the Netherlands. Due to our > 5.500 m2 European warehouse we are able to keep large quantities of our most popular models in stock.

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  • The Flow - elevating your workspace experience!

    Imagine walking into your workspace, and start working at a desk that not only fits your needs but is adjustable as well. That's the experience we're bringing to you with our new “Flow” frame and its new companion, the WP-H76 handset.

    What makes it extraordinary?

    • Touchscreen Wonder: Imagine effortlessly customizing the height of your desk with a simple touch. Our intuitive touchscreen interface makes it possible.
    • Peace of Mind: Ever worried about little hands tampering with your workspace? Fea
  • Powering the future with our new solar panels

    At AOKE Europe, commitment to sustainability and reducing our impact on climate change is at the heart of everything we do.

    We are excited to share our latest milestone in our journey towards a greener future: the installation of 336 solar panels on our office and warehouse facility.

    Previously, we achieved an impressive A+++ rating from the Dutch government for our building, constructed with the strictest environmental standards. Now, with the addition of these solar panels, we anticipate to improve our rating to the highest possible level, A+++++.

    But we go beyond just installing

  • Discover the Drive!

    New product alert!

    We are delighted to introduce our newest single motor desk, the "Drive".

    The "Drive" is an improved version of our previous single motor desk. Featuring AOKE’s high-end integrated handset, the "WP-H75T" 

    This handset offers improved functionality and features compared to our other handsets. Because this handset is manufactured by AOKE, warranty claims can be solved even faster than before! 

    Furthermore  the "Drive" offers the most competitive price we have had for any desk so far! Together with an ergonomic and sturdy design, i

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