Corporate social responsibility

At AOKE, we do our best to participate in the society and give back to the community. We do this by using raw materials that can, at the very least, be recycled and by building partnerships that contribute to a better world. In doing so, we hope to keep our footprint on the planet as small as possible!


SINCE 2020

Specters Coffee | AOKE Europe

In cooperation with Specters Coffee, every cup of coffee we drink at AOKE Europe contributes to the fulfillment of a seriously, or sometimes life-threateningly, ill child.

Research shows that the realisation of an ultimate wish can give young patients and those around them renewed hope and confidence. In addition, this experience makes an indelible impression. Fulfilling a wish does not happen by itself. It is a carefully planned Wish Journey. It is a special process involving a large group of people. They spend months planning the dearest wishes from A to Z as carefully as possible. This journey makes an impression. From the moment they meet until long after the wish has been granted. Together, they make memories that are carried with them for life.

Every day three families in the Netherlands hear that their child is seriously, sometimes even life-threateningly, ill. Make-A-Wish Nederland wants all these young patients, between 3 and 18 years old, to fulfill their dearest wish. Currently, they fulfil more than 650 wishes per year. Despite the tremendous impact that Make-A-Wish Nederland already has on all these children and their loved ones, there are still too many children who miss out on their favourite wish every year. This made us want to commit to Make-A-Wish Nederland without any hesitation.


SINCE 2019

ISO:14001 is the international standard with requirements for an environmental management system. The environmental management system is used to develop an environmental policy appropriate to the organisation and to safeguard its implementation. The basis for the environmental management system is the 'plan-do-check-act' cycle (PDCA). ISO:14001 sets the following requirements for the results of the management system:

  • continuous improvement of performance and protection of the environment (e.g. by preventing environmental pollution);
  • control of the environmental risks resulting from the organisation's activities;
  • complying with applicable legal requirements as a minimum.

This concerns the possibilities of an organisation to influence the environment from a 'life cycle' perspective. This means that the possible environmental aspects at suppliers and customers are also covered by the environmental management system.

By involving information from stakeholders in the development of environmental policy, ISO:14001 is in line with the ISO:26000 guideline for sustainable enterprise. The ISO:14001 standard consists of the following parts:
  • context of the organisation;
  • leadership;
  • planning;
  • support;
  • implementation;
  • performance evaluation;
  • improvement.

Every three years, the certificate will be renewed, so that we will be continuously working on reducing our footprint on the planet now and in the future.



SINCE 2019


Employees expect a safe and healthy working environment and perform better in this environment. Clients of organisations also expect the employees they employ to be provided with a safe working environment. Organisations working according to ISO 45001 show that they systematically work on the working conditions, health and safety of their employees. Below you will find the benefits of ISO 45001:

  • Systematic approach leading to improvement;;
  • Essential pillar of CSR policy;
  • Good working conditions lead to better motivated employees;
  • Lower absenteeism figures with financially positive consequences;
  • Demonstrable fulfilment of wishes of clients with regard to safety and working conditions.

With an ISO 45001 certificate for a health and safety management system, formerly known as an occupational health and safety management system, an organisation demonstrates that all the requirements of the standard are met, making the certificate a valuable communication tool. The presence of an ISO 45001 certificate can be a condition for the purchase or tendering of certain services.

AOKE Europe

After having successfully improved working conditions in Asia for over four years, AOKE landed in Europe in 2016 to further promote healthy office environments across the globe. Armed with a rich catalogue of linear actuators, lifting columns, height-adjustable desks and ergonomic accessories, we aim to support employees’ productivity, while diminishing health risks. From our distribution centre in the south of the Netherlands, we serve dozens of suppliers all over Europe, swiftly and accurately.

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