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Aoke europe B.V. was established in late 2016, with the goal to reduce shipping times from China to Europe. The company is located in the south of the Netherlands, in Herten (Roermond). Logistically speaking, this is an ideal location for fast service to customers throughout Europe. Aoke Europe B.V. is specialized in distributing height-adjustable desks frames to wholesalers, retailers, architects or other companies located throughout Europe

At the start of the company in 2016, the company only supplied height-adjustable desk frames. But due to the increasing demand of other products by customers, this product range has been expanded. Today, the company also distributes chairs, tabletops and other office furniture. This includes wireless chargers, metal cabinets, monitor arms and much more.

In 2018 the company had its first relocation, the location where it all started quickly ran out of space. As a result, AOKE Europe B.V. had to move to a new location. At this new location, the company had a warehouse of 2.400m2 at its disposal. In 2023, the company had to relocate again to ensure that the premises did not impede its rapid growth. Since the beginning of 2023, we have been operating from our current location with a warehouse of about 5,500m2 and a showroom & office of about 1000m2.

The company was founded with the focus of delivering to European customers faster and to guarantee a better service. Due to the storage location in the Netherlands, products can usually be delivered throughout Europe within five working days. Within the company, customer focus and delivery of high-quality products are of utmost importance. Most products come with a 5-year warranty on the complete product. This long warranty period is given because the company is confident about the quality of their products. The high quality of our products is demonstrated by the fact that a wide range of certificates are available for different models and products, such as CE, EN527, RoHS, BIFMA, UL, EMC and many more.

Since the start of the company, exports have grown extremely rapidly. While our products were distributed to only 5 European countries in 2016, this has grown to a total of 28 European countries over the past years. Every day we look forward to make new collaborations and long-term business relationships in order to make high-quality height adjustable desks available to everyone. Not only in Europe, with the entire AOKE team we pursue this objective worldwide.lity height adjustable desks available to everyone. Of course not only in Europe, with the entire AOKE team we pursue this objective worldwide.

AOKE Europe

After successfully enhancing working conditions in Asia for a span of more than four years, AOKE made its foray into Europe in 2016, with the mission of advancing healthy office environments on a global scale. Equipped with an extensive catalog comprising linear actuators, lifting columns, height-adjustable desks, and an array of ergonomic accessories, our primary objective is to improve employee productivity while reducing health-related risks. Operating from our state-of-the-art distribution center located in the picturesque southern region of the Netherlands, we efficiently and precisely serve numerous suppliers all throughout Europe.

Our commitment to promoting well-being in workplaces goes beyond merely supplying high-quality office equipment. We collaborate with businesses to tailor solutions that align with their specific needs, ensuring a seamless integration of ergonomic principles into their workspaces. With a keen focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, AOKE continually strives to redefine the standards of workplace comfort and efficiency.

Our journey, which began in Asia, has now expanded across continents, and we look forward to partnering with even more organizations, fostering healthier, more productive work environments worldwide.

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