1. AOKE Europe at the Tortona Design Week 2024

    We are delighted to share a recap of our recent participation in the Tortona Design Week. Our stand showcased some of our latest ergonomic office furniture, attracting attention from designers and professionals alike.

    Throughout the exhibition, we engaged in meaningful conversations, received valuable feedback, and forged new connections. We are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this amazing exhibition.

    Thank you to everyone who stopped by for making this Tortona Design Week an amazing experience. We look forward to future oppurtunities to showcase our innovative
  2. Taking the lead in environmental responsibility: Compensating 769.100 kg of CO2 emissions in 2023

    In today's world, it is easy to claim oneself as "green" or "eco-conscious". However, words are meaningless without concrete actions to support them.

    That is why we are extra proud to announce that AOKE Europe has been rewarded with a prestigious certificate from our valued logistics partner Rotra, recognizing our efforts towards environmental sustainability.

    In 2023, AOKE Europe voluntarily compensated a remarkable 769.100kg of CO2 emissions, aligning our words with actions.

    This achievement displays our dedication to environmental sustainability and corporate
  3. Our award winning stand at Meble Polska 2024 exhibition!

    We are proud to announce that our stand at the current Meble Polska - Furniture Trade Show in Poland has been awarded for the most conducive stand in the implementation of the modern expo marketing strategy!

    Our award winning stand displays our commitment to excellence and perfection. Every aspect is thoughtfully designed and precisely arranged, reflecting the dedication that defines our premium ergonomic office furniture.

    At AOKE Europe, we believe in going beyond the ordinary and always try to do the impossible when it comes to innovation and perfection.

    If you

  4. Elevating Workspaces Worldwide!

    At AOKE, we don’t just sell ergonomic office furniture, we craft ergonomic solutions that redefine the way people experience their workspace.

    Our commitment to quality and innovation does not just stay within Europe, our positive impact in office environments reaches all over the world

    From vibrant business centres to home offices, AOKE’s ergonomic solutions have found their way into diverse work environments. This is because we only provide high-quality and reliable products that lay a solid and trustworthy foundation for any ergonomic office environment.

    Join us

  5. Stand confirmation: Meble Polska 2024

    We are excited to announce that we will be participating in the Meble Polska 2024 exhibition this February! Here is an update regarding AOKE Europe’s stand:

    Date: 20-23.02.2024
    Location: Głogowska Street 14 60-748 Poznań, Poland
    Hall number: 4
    Stand number: 5

    Join us at our stand to explore our top-notch products and discover how we are revolutionizing the world of ergonomic office furniture. We can’t wait to see you there!

    Stay tuned for more updates regarding AOKE Europe's exhibtions here.

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AOKE Europe

After successfully enhancing working conditions in Asia for a span of more than four years, AOKE made its foray into Europe in 2016, with the mission of advancing healthy office environments on a global scale. Equipped with an extensive catalog comprising linear actuators, lifting columns, height-adjustable desks, and an array of ergonomic accessories, our primary objective is to improve employee productivity while reducing health-related risks. Operating from our state-of-the-art distribution center located in the picturesque southern region of the Netherlands, we efficiently and precisely serve numerous suppliers all throughout Europe.

Our commitment to promoting well-being in workplaces goes beyond merely supplying high-quality office equipment. We collaborate with businesses to tailor solutions that align with their specific needs, ensuring a seamless integration of ergonomic principles into their workspaces. With a keen focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, AOKE continually strives to redefine the standards of workplace comfort and efficiency.

Our journey, which began in Asia, has now expanded across continents, and we look forward to partnering with even more organizations, fostering healthier, more productive work environments worldwide.

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